Learn "Pull-Over" English Phrasal Verb For Daily English Conversations

Updated: May 24

Learn Pull Over English Phrasal Verb

Learn "pull-over" English phrasal verb with examples.

It is usually used in the traffic department to take your vehicles to the side of the roads or highways while driving very harsh to check the documents of vehicle registration.

Let's dive into it.

Pull-Over Meaning & Examples


  • Meaning: Stop the vehicle on the side of the road or move to the side of the road in order to stop or let something or someone pass ( Usually, traffic police used this phrase)

  • Example:

  • Pull over the car now.

  • Can pull over to my house while on the way to your office?


  • The people of the village waved us pull over.

  • We told them to pull over, because of the accident.

  • The police officer called me to pull over the truck because it was loaded more than its capacity.

  • The policeman flagged us to pull over. However, he had given us permission to pass the bridge.

  • We waved the auto to pull over.

  • He shouted loudly. Pull over and let us pass, it's an emergency!

  • You could pull over there, besides the milestone.

  • When he didn't pull over, we had to call the police.

  • Why would he pull over? There are no sideways to park the car here.

  • Whatever you do to pull over just do it and leave some space to pull in.

  • We couldn't pull over without any green light.

  • Excuse me, madam. Could you please pull over?

  • He told me to pull over.

  • Please pull over and stop there.

  • Excuse me, madam. Pull over, please.

  • Pull over! Sir, please show me your registration card.

  • The cop called him to pull over.

  • Please pull over to the sideways.

  • Alisha decided to pull over to see if she could help them in any way.

  • Pull over after you take the first U-turn from the barber's shop.

Learning the English phrasal verb "Pull-Over" will help you in many situations while driving to the long tours.

It will help you to co-operate with the traffic department appropriately and easily. Let's learn more like that to become fluent in spoken English in no time. So, Stay Tuned..!

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