Learn "Pull-On" English Phrasal Verb in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Updated: May 24

Learn Pull On English Phrasal Verb

Learn "Pull-On" English phrasal verb with 3 different uses with examples. Let's get started!

Pull-on Meaning & Examples


  • Meaning: Put on (clothes) by oneself

  • Examples:

  • He pulled the black sweater on yesterday.

  • You should pull on some new clothes before they have arrived. What do you think?


  • Meaning: Move something towards oneself by grabbing it.

  • Examples:

  • Will you please pull on this rope?

  • Pull on the strings towards me right now.


  • Meaning: Pull (something) continuously.

  • Examples:

  • When I get distracted, I used to pull on the hair by curling it.

  • How can she pull on her bag's threads all the time?


  1. How could she pull on this wood by herself?

  2. Don't you think, she has been pulling on with her hair while she is thinking very deeply?

  3. Why would he pull on these clothes?

  4. What were the reasons to pull on this jacket on this occasion?

  5. If you pull on the string, it will ring the bell.

  6. She took it to pull on the mask swiftly.

  7. Why do we have to pull on this stuff by our self?

  8. What should I do now? If I pull on it, will it be okay for him?

  9. Do something to pull on this habit for a lifetime.

  10. How should I pull on this rope alone?

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