How To Remember "Pull-Off" English Phrasal Verb With This 3 Uses?

Updated: May 24

Learn "Pull-Off" English phrasal verb with 3 different uses with examples.

Whatever you do to remember phrasal verbs, We must urge you to implement these phrasal verbs as much as possible so that you won't forget them while you want them more and will also help you to make a great impression in front of people.

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Pull off Meaning & Examples


  • Meaning: Remove or get rid of or dismiss or cut out or take out

  • Note: In this English phrasal verb, a noun or pronoun can be used between"pull" and "off."

  • Example:

  • Pull off the shirt now.

  • How could you pull off the stickers from the fridge?


  • Meaning: to achieve something against odds by suffering through lots of difficulties.

  • Note: In this English phrasal verb, a noun or pronoun can be used between"pull" and "off."

  • Example:

  • Writing 3 blogs in a day is nearly impossible. Do you think he will pull it off within the deadline?

  • You will have to pull it off to make it possible in just 3 hours.


  • Meaning: Turn off a road, leave a road to jump onto another one.

  • Example:

  • We should pull off now to the other one.

  • I think they have pulled off from this route to the NH-6 for 15 minutes.


  1. We have faith in you. You will pull off the race in any situation.

  2. How could he pull it off from my desk?

  3. Don't ever try to pull the stickers off from the wall.

  4. He will pull off the jacket as soon as possible.

  5. Could you please pull off your shirt?

  6. Hey bro. Pull off your wristwatch before you enter the checking room.

  7. If you want to reach the destination, first pull off your car from the corner's shop then turn right go straight for 15 minutes, and at the end, you will see the mall on your left-hand side.

  8. He managed to pull off this stain from his shirt.

  9. How could he manage to pull off a major crime in this city?

  10. You will have to achieve this. No matter what will you pull off to do this.

  11. How do you pull off this from the ceiling?

Mastering phrasal verbs might be quite tricky while implementing it. But, don't you think it will save your time and words due to their various meanings and uses as per the situations.

So, be confident even if you fail using it.

Be a learner while using it not a master. However, the master's also needs to learn something different to achieve their goals. So, be honest with yourself and take action to become fluent in the English language. Stay Tuned..!

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