Master Pull-In English Phrasal Verb In Merely 1 Minute!

Updated: May 24

Learn Pull In Phrasal English Verb For Daily English Conversations.

Master "Pull-In" English phrasal verb in just 1 minute.

However, you are going to learn more than 4 uses which will not only help you to achieve your English fluency level as well as improve your toning while implementing it in your daily conversations. So, Let's get started!

Pull In Meaning & Examples


  • Meaning: stop a vehicle at the side of the road where you can eat or stay or something

  • Example:

  • Don't worry. I will pull in the car.

  • You should be pulled the vehicle in, if you want to talk on mobile.


  • Meaning: To come or take inside something or somebody.

  • Example:

  • You will have to pull in him if you want to make an amazing cake for your birthday.

  • Hey, pull him in.


  • Meaning: Get or earn a very large amount of money.

  • Example:

  • How could he pull in that amount of money in no time?

  • She used to pull in lots of money through bitcoins.


  • Meaning: (used only at the train station) to move towards the station or approaching towards the station

  • Example:

  • Hey, the train's pulling in, come here fast.

  • How could she be late when the train has already been pulled in?


  • Meaning: handover or to bring somebody to the police station for further investigation

  • Example:

  • He has been pulled in for pick-pocketing.

  • If you break the traffic rules again, you will be pulled in for further investigation.


  • Meaning: to be limited or under the control or restrain someone for something.

  • Note: In this English phrasal verb, a noun or pronoun can be used between"pull" and "in."

  • Example:

  • We have tried to pull ourselves in but we have lost patience.

  • You will have to learn how to pull yourself in to avoid further losses.


  1. Hey, pull in and work together.

  2. You might be wrong about the timing. It is impossible to pull in the train at this time.

  3. We'd better pull in before crashing the share market.

  4. You should be pulled in when you had the job in your hand.

  5. Don't talk about him. I had to pull in him for further investigation.

  6. Could you please, pull in your car that way?

  7. You need something to pull in from this company.

  8. The low rate shares still pull in through its high demands.

  9. The police car, waved us to pull in.

  10. I must pull in before it goes out of my control.

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