Learn Pull Ahead English Phrasal Verb with 15+ Examples for Daily English Conversation

Updated: May 24

Learn Pull Ahead English Phrasal Verbs with 15+ Examples For Daily English Conversation

Learn Pull Ahead in just one minute with 15+ outstanding examples for daily usage. You'll learn "how to use pull ahead in English sentence structures" as well as "how to remember while speaking in English with a native speaker."

Mostly, it is a common question that has been asked by many English learners that, they have been struggling while remembering any English phrasal verbs with expressions while implementing it. And, that's the only obstacle for many students might like you, that couldn't memorize any of the phrasal verbs while having a conversation in the English language.

However, we are going to surpass this obstacle in the XBootcamp and make that you will remember the "pull-ahead" for a lifetime by practicing it perfectly.

So, Let's get started!

Learn Pull Ahead English Phrasal Verb with 15+ outstanding examples.

Pull ahead Meaning & Examples

  • Meaning: To be in front of something or somebody or being in the first place.

Learn to use pull-ahead English phrasal verb with 15+ examples

  • If you are an authentic learner, then you will be pulled ahead of all of the students in just 30 days. Be persistent!

  • Clear the mess now. She will be pulled ahead among all of them in just 5 minutes.

  • However, she is late because of her injury, she will definitely pull ahead in this exam with her classmates.

  • Don't you think about her a lot, she could pull ahead in this race as soon as possible.

  • He has been pulled ahead with the masterstroke.

  • Wouldn't you mind if he will be pulled ahead by dodging your son in this competition?

  • They were together until she pulls ahead.

  • There were three bikes who had been pulled ahead as soon as the police forces cleared the mob at the place.

  • We need 5000 polls to pull ahead of our opposition leader.

  • How could it even be possible? No one would pull ahead and accept the punishment.

  • How would I believe you? You told me, she hasn't been accepted your offer even after you have pulled ahead a lot of possibilities in front of her.

  • We have been implementing many tricks to pull ahead in that last, though, so that's not bad enough so far.

  • Could you please pull ahead to the next counter to pay your money?

  • I don't understand, why would all people pull ahead willingly to pay their debt at that specific moment?

  • Everyone would be pulled ahead after doing a lot of hard work persistently. Mark my words.

  • Understand the facts and figures my lord. You will have to be pulled ahead in any situation.

Conclusion: It might look quite easy to remember, but it's not. If you want to master largely used English phrasal verbs, then you shall practice it properly by implementing it in the daily small talks or you could say the pep talks.

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