How To Use Pull Away English Phrasal Verb in Daily English Conversation?

Updated: May 24

Learn Pull Away Phrasal English Verb

Learn "Pull Away" English phrasal verb in less than 3 minutes. It is quite easy to understand,

However, you will have to tackle it in various situations to avoid embarrassment.

It's a bit of a shame if you use it in an inappropriate situation. So, for avoiding this kind of uneasiness while speaking in the English language, we are going to understand "how, where, and when" should you use this phrasal verb in the daily English conversation.

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Pull away Meaning & Examples

Pull away

  • Meaning: to start moving ahead in a specific direction (in terms of the vehicle only)

  • Example:

  • He has to be pulled away in this race.

  • As soon as the car pulled away, he called them.

Pull away

  • Meaning: to bit the competition or to increase or improve the ranking by adding more numbers (mostly used in terms of sports)

  • Example:

  • They have to be pulled away by hitting two more goals.

  • You can be pulled away if you do this instead.

Pull away

  • Meaning: Withdraw or to move backward (in some unwanted or uneasy situations )

  • Example:

  • I would have to pull away from my name from the list if he didn't.

  • You should pull away from this competition.

Pull away

  • Meaning: to move someone or something away from its initial position or place.

  • Note: In this English phrasal verb, a noun or pronoun can be used between"pull" and "away."

  • Example:

  • If she didn't pull me away from the road, I would have been injured by the car by now.

  • You will have to pull it away to be fitted in that section.



  • What on the earth is he trying? Why would he try to pull away?

  • She pulled away when he tried to kiss her.

  • After some time she pulled away.

  • You will have to pull this cupboard away from that corner.

  • How could she pull her away from that tiny space?

  • Do you really want to pull away in this competition?

  • Despite having lots of failures, he has been pulled away with great numbers.

  • Shouldn't you pull away from this politics?

  • If I won't be doing this, then you should pull away with your ideas and solutions at the conference.

  • Could you please pull away from the table first?

  • If you want to use it, you have to pull it away first.

  • I stepped into their fight and pull her away from him.

  • He wanted to pull away from his arm forcefully.

  • Don't you know, if you want to grab it you will have to pull them away separately.

  • You should aware of this situation before you pull away from them

Learning these 4 simple and meaningful uses of Pull-Away will always be helpful for your daily English conversation.

To remember it forever, just practice it as much as you can while speaking with a native speaker.

It will be more than enough to remember this phrasal verb for the lifetime. Keep Practicing!

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