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Practice🔥48hrs+ Live English speaking without even learning it by discussing global trending topics at a surprisingly affordable price of

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Learn English speaking in 30 days_edited

This practical Bootcamp is perfect for you if:

5-Star Google Rated Live Classes@₹1/day
(Bootcamp  + Global Telegram Community + 2+ years Live support)


Dream Job

You want to get a dream job confidently & effortlessly


Learning in an elusive way

You think that your English learning process is clumsy than others


No Grammar - No Rules

You are not good with the English grammar


Lack of speaking companion

You don't have a proper environment to practice English speaking


Incredibly Affordable - ₹1/day

You want to practice English at the price of one month's mobile recharge


Fear of being Mistaken

Afraid of speaking in English? Cannot speak in English for more than 5 minutes


Normally, a one-hour Live class would be at INR ₹349/-, we provide 48+ hrs of Live classes at the price of monthly mobile recharge


Flexible ways to learn English in the global Telegram community


Practice English with global trending topics, war stories, food, travel, economy, real-life stories of learning English speaking online, great discussions, community building etc, instead of boring English grammar

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Why should I practice English Speaking with

Learn English Speaking online like a Pro with active Learners around the world

What if we told you that you can learn and practice English speaking online without any partner from your home at just ₹1/day, Would you spare at least 120 minutes a week on your own?

If yes, then access our 5-star google rated byte-sized  Live & Premium video lessons for hustle-free language learning. From the first Live English lesson, you will start practising spoken English like a pro.

More than 95% of people fail to learn a new language. The reason is a lack of motivation and implementation of an inappropriate method.


So our Founder. Mr Rishikesh Unhale has shared his journey of learning a language with his outstanding & most engaging method ever. 

He teaches you very slowly, so you could understand every word of the English lesson. So, what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting time on learning English vocabulary, alternatives, confusing English grammar rules, etc and start speaking in English from your first Practice lesson

Because the first step always matters.​ We've got your back - Take a simple step towards fluency!


In this 48+ hours of Live spoken English Bootcamp, you will Learn

english speaking at home_edited.jpg
  • Understand the Reasons for Procrastination, when learning a new language 

  • Use advanced English vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, slang and expression to speak English like a native speaker through the discussions

  • Speak English from your first #Lesson by sharing your stories or trending topics like war, food, travel, jobs, economy, India-China, Russia-Ukraine, games, animation, etc.

  • Monthly activities like sharing your story will boost your confidence level up to 70%

  • Practice English speaking without even learning it

  • Master English speaking by sharing your experiences, goals, pep talks, stories, motivational quotes, acts, and dramas in a funny way

Learn English speaking in 30 days_edited

Mr Rishikesh Unhale
Founder & CEO | Eduease Softech Private Limited

An Engineer | WIX Developer

Passionate about Coaching Cycle Riding, & Cooking

Collaborated with the Higher Educational Organizations

Has been conducting Live English Bootcamps since 2020  

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Speak English like never before for any Purpose

Travelling Around the World

Speak English fluently to travel around the world, with no regrets ever!

Getting a Dream Job

Learn English speaking online to get your dream job without any hustle

Creating an Opportunities

By making an impact through your mind-boggling Influence on the society, you can open the door to countless opportunities

Become an Entrepreneur

You can live your dream life as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, by raising your living standards through the confident conversational English speaking skills

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Learn English Speaking Live with the 10,000+ Active Learners Around the Globe

₹3499/- INR ₹349/year INR + Convenience fees

 30 - Days 


  • Live - 01hr

  • Premium - 06+

  • Activities - 3+

  • Q&A - 2hrs+

  • Live Support - 30 days

  • YouTube Live - No

  • Bonus - 00

 One Year 

The Live Bootcamp

  • Live - 48hrs+

  • Premium - 72+

  • Activities - 6+

  • Q&A - 12hrs+

  • Live Support - 2+ years

  • YouTube Live - Yes

  • Bonus - 3+

 Learn Live Saturday - Sunday@06:00 PM - 06:30 PM IST 

How does the #Live spoken English Bootcamp work?

Speak English like never before at ₹1/day only


Join Telegram

After registration, you will

gain access to the global community


One Year English Bootcamp

48+ hrs Live

72+ Premium Lessons

06+ Activities, Bonuses, Q&A 

Weekly Facebook & Youtube Live


Connect with us

Follow & Like our Facebook Page, Instagram & YouTube for weekly sessions


The Ultimate Experience

Practice English Live with the active learners around the globe ​​

 Join us today! It's Now or Never  

You will be inspired, motivated and confident in your conversational English speaking skills


The Bootcamp brings a new experience of learning a language with practical #Lessons


You will start speaking English you have wanted to speak for a long time


You will get new ideas for practising English without any hustle


People around you will admire you by listening to your conversational English skills


​It will help you to create an opportunity to use your conversational skills professionally and gain profit from it


Make a new version of yourself by learning practical English


Join the Global English Speaking Bootcamp ₹1/day

You must not procrastinate. Rather, you should make preparations so that even if you did die tonight, you would have no regrets.

-Dalai Lama

Surprisingly Affordable

Enjoy Great Savings & Bonuses Like Never Before!

 Flat 90% Discount  - Limited Time Offer 


₹3499/- INR 

₹349/- INR 


Weekly Live Classes | 48+ hours Live Bootcamp/yr | Bonuses | 6+ Activities | 72+ Premium Lessons/yr | Google 5-Star Rated Telegram Global Community | Live Support

Start Speaking English from your first Live #Lesson

Or Scan through the Payment Wallet - PhonePe, Google Pay, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Live English Bootcamp Methodology?

In complement to teaching listening and imitation practices with the advanced English vocabulary and grammar with our 80/20 module, we are mainly focused on how to tackle procrastination, being afraid of speaking in English, taking first steps towards fluency, initiating the English learning process, why >95% people fail to learn spoken English after completing the first level of spending lots of fortune?, how to get motivated and inspired when learning English online? and many more.


How long will I practice English after successfully attending the Live Bootcamp?

The Live Bootcamp contains, Live and pre-recorded 100hrs+ sessions per year

How will you practice spoken English after joining the live Bootcamp?


  • Live English Bootcamp - 48+ Hours of Live Practice for one year -30 minutes a day of practice

  • Facebook - Weekly (15+ minutes) Live Q&A sessions

  • Telegram's Private Group (BONUS): Join the Community

  • Youtube - Learn English speaking through byte-sized #Lessons

What will you learn from the Bootcamp? Does it come with all grammar rules?​


  • The Reasons "why people fail to learn a new language?"

  • How to get motivated and inspired when practising spoken English online?

  • How to avoid Procrastination?

  • How to speak English in just 90 days? 

  • Speaking practices from your first lesson​

  • Spoken English Grammar

  • Phrasal Verbs

  • English Idioms

  • English Slang Words

  • Alternatives. Synonyms, Antonyms

  • Speaking Practices 

How is the Bootcamp going?​

After registering for Live English Bootcamp, you will get the 4+ weekly Live classes via our Facebook Page or Telegram Live. Of course, if you only have followed and like it. Furthermore, 1-2 premium sessions per week. You will have to learn from it to implement the small tasks to improve your confidence level.

What do I need to take the part in the English Bootcamp after the successful registration?


  • ​A Dream 

  • A Vission

  • Have a goal

  • Eagerness to speak English fluently

  • Patience

  • Time to Practice

Being polite while learning or following the steps towards improvisation. Great Achievements take time and effort.

​Is it very difficult and does it require any preparation?

No, it is designed to be understood as well as has achievable goals which will boost up your confidence level after winning a challenge and push your boundaries towards fluency! 

You will have to just express your emotions, experiences, goals, dreams, and life stories through English and Marathi without learning English grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, expressions, slang, and idioms.

Is the Bootcamp Live?

Yes. You can join Live English speaking Bootcamp through Facebook or Telegram Live

(Limited Seats only)

What if I missed the Live Bootcamp after the payment?

If you want to improve your spoken English to become a successful person, we must say you should not miss the Live Bootcamp. In case, you have missed it we would guide you with the all steps and methods through Telegram's Private group with the recorded sessions.

If you couldn't attend the weekly Live sessions, then there is an opportunity for you to get all perks that are already been included in the Bootcamp would definitely get while you register with the program.

How & who will answer queries in the Live sessions?

The Founder & CEO of Eduease Softech Private Limited & 

- Mr Rishikesh U. & Team

What will I do after learning everything from the Bootcamp?

Learn something new from weekly premium sessions, Facebook Live, Blogs, and Methods with lots of practical implementation. Speak English like never before asap effortlessly.


How will I practice with the active learners from the group?

  • Facebook Rooms/ Telegram Live​

  • Facebook Live Event 

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

​Will be there any extra charges to practice English with others?

No. You can practice as much as possible with others by communicating with each other. We will guide you, on how to conduct a Live English practice conference call/webinar for Free.


Are there any bonuses or giveaways after joining the Bootcamp?

Yes. After Joining the Bootcamp you will gain the access to Telegram's Private group for Lifetime English speaking practices with active learners around the globe absolutely free of cost. Normally, a 1-hour Live class would be at ₹349/- INR. Fortunately, you are getting 100+ hrs

What if I want to practice group (5- 10) Live class?

Send us requests through the group after joining the Live Bootcamp. You will get 15 minutes of Free one-on-one class(8+ Classes/Month Only). Furthermore,  you will get 80% OFF on the Private consultation if you have already joined the Bootcamp. As a bonus, you will get a monthly private class of 5-10 students only for achievers

When will the lowest price of the Bootcamp be in Every Month? And how will I be aware of that?

Fortunately, more than 3 times a year, we will be available for our Live Bootcamp at the lowest price minimum up to INR ₹349/-. Want to improve spoken English at the most affordable price? If yes, then Follow us Here:  Join the community @₹349/year INR  

What if I want to learn about a specific topic or a problem which is holding me back from becoming a fluent English speaker?

You can ask for help in the Telegram Private Group. You will get the answer within 8 hours (Only on the business days: Monday-Thursday)

Exactly, what will I learn in a live English Bootcamp?

After registering for the Live English Bootcamp on our platform, you will be able to join the community with other fellow students.


We will help you to introduce yourself to them and begin teaching the modules that are included in the live English classes online. Also, you will be eligible after requesting to join the telegram's private group.

You will learn more about how to do speaking and listening practices with the advanced English vocabulary and expressions with the help of the 80/20 rule of the workshop. We only focused on speaking and listening practices to become more fluent and confident in communication skills with a little bit of sharing stories and experiences.


During the class, we encourage you to interact not only with the materials and the teacher but also with the students. Towards the end of class, the teacher will recap the lesson and ensure everybody has understood the lesson.

Why should I learn with's Live English Bootcamp and not a traditional spoken English academy?

Most important is, do you really want to learn to speak English fluently? Are you ready to accept all the challenges, ups and downs happening in the process?


If yes, then you are at the right online learning platform where you can practice with the coaches and ask questions and discuss with more than 60+ students in the live Bootcamp and thousands of students in the telegram's Private Group.


Where you can start a whole new conversation with your partners who are from all over the world.

Also, you can learn to speak English anytime, anywhere at your fingertips from language experts.

  • Join the Global Telegram community

  • Learn English speaking without ever learning it!

  • 48+ hours of Live spoken English classes per year

  • Learn from discussing on trending topics

  • Start speaking in English from your first Live #Lesson

  • Community of sharing stories, experiences, life events, dreams, goals, pep talks, etc

  • GET FLAT90% OFF (Limited Time Offer)*

Is it okay if I learned with the Bootcamp without learning the language #Levels?​ offers learning modules that provide all types of learners, from beginner to advanced.


Our modules are structured according to speaking and listening practices, which endorses the importance of actual speaking practices and implementation only.

So, there will be no worry about any levels or structures. Because it will be taught in the private group until you will be able to speak and understand English without any hustle.

Is it okay if I would be mistaken while speaking in the live spoken English Bootcamp?

Let's be honest!

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn and master any skill.

Our byte-seized sessions are completely free of an environment where you can literally make unlimited mistakes to learn more. Like you are learning a bicycle to become a cyclist.

What are the Methods of Payment?


We use India's best and secured Payment Gateways which will allow you to do transactions using UPI, Wallets( Phone Pe, Google Pay, Airtel, etc.), Netbanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Pay Later and many more which will be very easy to do registration like you are paying for mobile recharge.

What are the prerequisites for joining the Bootcamp to Learn Live English online?​

You just need a stable internet connection, a computer/mobile and the free video conferencing tool like Zoom and Facebook/ Telegram Live for weekly live sessions.

We strongly recommend that you check your internet connection, mic and audio settings at least 15 minutes before the class starts. A quiet room or workspace will help you concentrate.

Is it a language learning ANDROID or IOS app?

No, we are not a language learning app. We are an online live learning language school. Unlike any language learning academy, we provide plenty of time to practice with others to improve spoken English.

How do I start taking classes?

As soon as you register with's English Bootcamp, you will be redirected to the Telegram group link. After joining the group you will get all the instructions on learning and practising English speaking online

How much time do I have to practice to become a fluent English speaker?​

It actually depends on your practice and willingness about speaking fluent English like a native speaker. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts.

If you would like to learn quickly, then we suggest that you accept challenges on a regular basis and track your learning experiences with daily notes.


Also, complete the assignments and tasks that would be given in the Live English Bootcamp and in Telegram's Private Group as well. Stay consistent and make lots of mistakes while learning and practising it.

How can I give feedback on my classes?


You can rate the course on google reviews as well as on social media.

If you have any queries you can directly message us on social media as well as at the given email address. You can follow our social media platforms for daily updates like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Contact us at


5-stars Google rated English Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in a new language learning culture in an incredibly affordable way - ₹1/day