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Let us Ask You Something

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Couldn't Understand

You can understand Simple English but you can't understand Native speakers


How to start?

You want to speak and Practice English but don't have the proper Learning Environment



You can talk fast like a native but can't pronounce it properly


Need Subtitles

You can't understand TV Shows or Movies without subtitles


Can speak Simple English

You can't speak English fast more than 2-3 minutes or afraid of it


The Huge Mile of - GRAMMAR

You're afraid of learning English grammar. 


Feeling Embarrassed 😳?

You feel nervous or embarrassed to respond someone in English language 


You are holding back yourself

Couldn't show your real talent to the world due to the lack of communication skills


Can't have Time & Money 💵 

If you are the busiest person in the world then it might have helped you out!

 If yes then you are at the right place to learn English speaking

Let us present to you our English Speaking Telegram Community

Where you can Practice English Speaking Without  Even Learning it through Hindi & Marathi! 


The One Step Methodology


83% of Success Rate of 5-star Google Rated Telegram Community


Take you from Beginner to Advanced without even Learning it - Simply sharing your stories  through English & Marathi


Works with Modules including Discussions, Quizzes, Activities, Live English Classes, and Weekly Analysis


Which includes, Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking with Expressions and Pronunciation Practices

In the Telegram community, you will learn English speaking at HOME like a pro

  • Practice Real Life English Speaking Conversations anywhere, anytime at your own pace with 1000s of active learners

  • Have difficulties, Ask questions, and Discuss with others and with the trainers.

  • 6 Modules for 12 Weeks with lots of exercises

  • In our community, Listening has it's more important than others. Because we can speak only after understanding the other personIt makes you feel confident when speaking in English

  • Practising English must be your priority. Only then will you speak in English fearlessly

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Mr Rishikesh Unhale
Founder & CEO | Eduease Softech Private Limited

An Engineer | WIX Developer turned digital Entrepreneur and Passionate about Coaching, Cycle Riding, & Cooking with spreading motivation


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We are incredibly excited about the new Telegram community with an Introductory Launch offer

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 the SPRINT 

Telegram Community - Simple yet Practical Spoken English Classes

✅Self-Study Lessons

✅01 Live Session(Monthly)

90 Days  06 Modules Program

✅Have difficulties - Ask unlimited times
✅Live Support for 12 Months
✅Lots of Exercises


✅One-on-One Session for the Monthly Winners🥇


You must not procrastinate. Rather, you should make preparations so that even if you did die tonight, you would have no regrets.

-Dalai Lama



Let Fear Experience the Fear of Confidence 


Join Telegram

After registration, you will gain access to the global community


Focuses on

Speaking, Listening & Pronunciation with lots of interactions


The Ultimate Experience

Don't just learn the English, also experience the Spoken English online


In the Community

The most interactive 04-12 weeks Program for active learners


Live Support

Get live support up to

12 months


Get Social 

Do subscribe & follow our social media platforms to improve English asap 


Live English Classes

With 06 Live classes as a bonus, you can clear your doubts 10X Faster



Monthly One-on-One &

Rewards only for winner


Share Your Story 

Let the world know about the telegram community by sharing your story

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the One-Step Spoken English Methodology?

In complement to teaching listening and imitation practices with the pronunciation activities, we focus on one step method. We will get the answers of "Why", " How", "When", and "Where" to set a goal towards fluent English speaking

Exactly, How will I learn in the Telegram Community?

After registering for SPRINT, you will get access to the community with other fellow students.

Then start the journey after attending the Q&A session in no time with 1000s of global active learners by simply sharing your stories and experiences without even learning the English grammar

What will you learn in the Telegram Community?


​✅Polite Conversation
✅Speaking Practices

✅Reading Comprehension 
✅Listening Practices

How is the SPRINT going?


Beginner to Advanced 

✅01 Live Session(Monthly)

90 Days  06 Modules Program
✅Self-Study Lessons

✅Find out Why, How and Where

✅Imitation Practice

✅Sharing Experiences and Stories

✅Practical must-do Activities

✅Learn English from Premium resources

✅Live Support for 12 Months
✅Interaction with 1000s of Global Active Learners
✅Weekly Premium Resources

✅Lots of Exercises
✅No syllabus or course only practice spoken English naturally

✅No Grammar - No Rules

✅All you need to speak English 

✅Have difficulties - Ask unlimited times

✅Like a Private Coach

✅Weekly Analysis


✅One-on-One Session for the Weekly Winners🥇


What do I need to take the part in the English Bootcamp after the successful registration?


  • ​A Dream 

  • A Vission

  • Have a goal

  • Eagerness to speak English fluently

  • Patience

  • Time to Practice

Being polite while learning or following the steps towards improvisation. Great Achievements take time and effort.

​Is it very difficult and does it require any preparation?

👉No, it is designed to be understood as well as has achievable goals which will boost up your confidence level after winning a challenge and push your boundaries towards fluency! 

👉You will have to just express your emotions, experiences, goals, dreams, and life stories through English, Hindi and Marathi without learning English grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, expressions, slang, and idioms.

What if I missed the Live Classes?

If you want to improve your spoken English to become a successful person, you should not miss the Live English classes.


In case, you have missed it we would guide you through all the steps and methods through Telegram's Private group with the recorded sessions.

If you couldn't attend the weekly Live sessions, then there is an opportunity for you to get all perks that have already been included in the Webinar would definitely get while you register with the program.

How & who will answer queries in the Live sessions?

The Founder & CEO of Eduease Softech Private Limited & PhrasalEnglish101.com 

- Mr Rishikesh U. & Team

​Will be there any extra charges to practice English with others?

No. You can practice as much as possible with others by communicating with each other.

We will guide you, on how to conduct a Live English practice conference call/webinar for Free.


What if I want to learn about a specific topic or a problem which is holding me back from becoming a fluent English speaker?

You can ask for help in the Telegram Private Group. You will get the answer within 8 hours (Only on the business days: Monday-Thursday)

Why should I learn with PhrasalEnglish101.com and not a traditional spoken English academy?

Learn English Speaking Online to improve your Spoken English through Hindi & Marathi. 

🔥No Grammar - No Rules
🔥Practice English at an  incredibly affordable price of 1-hour Live class

If you have been going through all of these following situations then this Global Telegram Community is only for you

🛑You can talk fast like a native but can't pronounce it properly
🛑You can communicate confidently but don't know how to improve your speaking accent
🛑You can Understand movies and shows without subtitles but can't speak like this
🛑You want to live abroad but don't know how to speak Posh English
🛑Feel embarrassed and nervous about speaking American or British English Accent
🛑Don't have the community of Practicing Advanced English

You know how to speak confidently but don't know how to speak with etiquettes' 
If you answer yes to any of these, then you are in right place to take your confidence to the next level with Pronunciation in just 90 Days


And guess what the outcome will be like this - 

✅Can't Communicate like a Native Speaker - - to - -
✅How can you speak English like British English?

👉Some students if they really want this, can achieve the compliment like -
✅The Way you Speak in English is Incredible!


👉In this Global Telegram Community, 

Where you can find yourself, exactly where you are!
These are Self-Study Lessons. So you can revise it multiple times until you get the confidence.
We focus only on Practical Exercises - All you need to do is Speak English!

Is it okay if I would be mistaken while speaking in the community?

Let's be honest! Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn and master any skill.

Our byte-seized sessions are completely free of an environment where you can literally make unlimited mistakes to learn more. Like you are learning a bicycle to become a cyclist.

What are the Methods of Payment?


We use India's best and most secured Payment Gateway which will allow you to do transactions using UPI, Wallets( Phone Pe, Google Pay, Airtel, etc.), Netbanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Pay Later and many more which will be very easy to do registration like you are paying for mobile recharge.

Instamojo Payment Gateway

What are the prerequisites for joining the community?​

You just need a stable internet connection, a computer/mobile and a free video-conferencing tool like Telegram Live for the monthly live sessions.

We strongly recommend that you check your internet connection, mic and audio settings at least 15 minutes before the class starts. A quiet room or workspace will help you concentrate.

How do I start taking classes?

As soon as you register with PhrasalEnglish101.com's English-speaking classes online, you will be redirected to the Telegram group link. After joining the group you will get all the instructions on learning and practising English-speaking online

How much time do I have to practice to become a fluent English speaker?​

It actually depends on your practice and willingness about speaking fluent English like a native speaker. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts.

If you would like to learn quickly, then we suggest that you accept challenges on a regular basis and track your learning experiences with daily notes.


Also, complete the assignments and tasks that would be given in the English-speaking classes online and in Telegram's Private Group as well. Stay consistent and make lots of mistakes while learning and practising it.

How can I give feedback on my classes?


You can rate the course on google reviews as well as on social media.

If you have any queries you can directly message us on social media as well as at the given email address. You can follow our social media platforms for daily updates like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Contact us at phrasalenglish101@gmail.com


We'd wish to hear from you. How was the experience?

Kindly review us for our dedication, hard work, and the results in your words. It would be an honour to hear from you!