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मराठीतून इंग्लिशमध्ये बोलायला सुरुवात करा

Supercharge your English 

Speak English like never before. Practice Spoken English through 500+ Live Practical Discussions

Bestseller |                  4.5 out of 5 |  15,108 students

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 तुमच्या हक्काची मराठी कम्युनिटी 

Live Telegram English Community

👉500+ Practical Live English Sessions

👉Learn how to Construct sentences

👉Practice 1000+ advanced English sentences & Vocabularies

👉Master grammatical rules naturally without any efforts

👉Start Speaking in English Live Confidently

After this, you can travel the world freely, without a language barrier, also you can start preparing for English language tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT etc.

Trusted by over 15k Learners

Learn the most interactive and effortless learning method by a Leading authority on Spoken English through Marathi

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Discover in the Community

Practice English Live

Enough theoretical, Confusing & YouTube lessons

Speak English with confidence! Start practising English 15 minutes a day with us in Marathi

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Practice with ease

अगदी शून्यापासून इंग्लिश ची प्रॅक्टिस करा

Our signature learning method means seriously real-life English speaking. Perfect for those who don't know how to even read English newspaper

Proven 3-Step  Method

Crafted for enthusiasts

Share your story with confidence in just 90 days. An unbeatable outcome means limitless opportunities.


Have doubts? Ask us!

Limited only by your mind.

After learning the Masterclass, if you have any doubts ask us in the community, and we will share a lesson (podcast/video) in the community

Fear of grammar

You will never stop speaking in English ever!

Practice English grammar in Marathi without even learning it naturally.

english grammar courses

Experience it once!

You are expressing yourself very confident

It's all about winning Mindset. Once you've changed it, you will become unstoppable. 

Perfect Live Community to share your creativity

Unbelievably Pro+ Class Activities



Once you have completed the Masterclass, ask your doubts in the community and we will share a podcast/video lesson with the solution. 

Online Class

Comprehensive Activities

Now it's time to prove yourself by participating in the English speaking activities to boost up your confidence by 10X

The Pro+ Masterclass

Start practising the Essential English grammar, Speaking and Listening methods, and constructing sentence structures through daily Live classes.

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500+ Live Sessions

Experience beyond the fluency in the weekly Live classes. Practice speaking methodologies in the Live class with your coach personally

Presenting in Class

We've made it 80% easier
than ever with new methods

तुम्ही Practice पूर्ण केल्यावर, तुम्हाला अनुभव येईल...

👉ग्रामरची अडचण केव्हाच येणार नाही 
👉Start a conversation or interrupt anyone politely anytime
👉लोकांसमोर बोलत असताना anxiety जाणवणार नाही
👉Develop advanced communication skills to become successful in your career.

आपल्या मातृभाषेतून इंग्लिशची प्रॅक्टिस करा

Be ready for any nature of the Interview

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Experience a new version of yourself in just 90 days with a 100% guarantee

After the Enrollment, you will be redirected to the joining link, wait for 3 seconds to get the link. If not then share your receipt on +91- 7276057210 and get the Link within 24 hours. 

The Pro+

  • 500+ Live Sessions 

  • 6 Months of Live Support 

  • Complete Spoken English

  • On-demand Video Lessons

  • Daily Self Assessments

  • 3+ Activities

₹4999/-  ₹499/- only

Get  100% Assured

देशातील सर्वांत affordable आणि practical Live English community मध्ये तुमचं स्वागत आहे

  • What is the Ultimate Spoken English Methodology?
    Listen - Imitate - Speak = Repeat until you become fluent In complement to teaching listening and imitation practices with the pronunciation activities, we focus on the 3- steps method. We will get the answers of "Why", " How", "When", and "Where" to set a goal towards fluent English speaking
  • Does this community come with a 500+ Live session?
    Yes, the pro+ version of this community consists of live group Q&A sessions and podcasts with Mr Rishikesh Unhale | CEO - Eduease Softech Pvt Ltd, India
  • Is this Live English Community in Marathi or English?
    The Live English Community is available in both languages – Marathi with English.
  • How can I improve my English through a Live Community?
    Step#01: After completing your Enrollment, you will join the Live Telegram Community. Step#02: Then you can join the daily Live session at 7PM Step#03: Instead of joining Live with the camera, here you will join the Live interactions without any camera or a faceless Live interaction Step#04: Unlike any other Live sessions, here you can also, ask questions, give answers, participate in the practical activities, solve the puzzles, and many more Step#05: Only the difference is, there will be no camera ever when practicing spoken English interactively.
  • Is there a group that I will join, after enrolling for the community?
    Yes. You will join a community of like-minded enthusiasts in the Telegram wherein you can share your doubts and connect with more active learners.
  • How to join the community after the registration?
    After the successful enrollment, you will be redirected automatically to the Telegram community, if not, then WhatsApp us at +91-7276057210 where you will get the joining link
  • How will I learn & practice English Live in the community?
    Complete Spoken English through Marathi Speaking in English in the most affordable and practical way ever 👉Join the Live Telegram Community 👉Access the 6 Modules (180+ Video Lessons), Daily Live sessions and Quizzes 👉Leverage the daily Live discussions with support through Live chat, Video Lessons and Podcasts 👉Practice speaking and listening through the 500+ Live sessions for 2 Years
  • When will I get the Live sessions?
    ​After completing the Masterclass (pre-recorded), you can attend the Live English classes. If you have missed the English session, you will get the recorded Live session or you could just join the next Live session for free The Pro+ (Daily 500+ Live Sessions for 2 Years): Mon-Fri@07:00 PM IST 
  • Can I access the future updates in the modules?
    Yes, you’ll get lifetime access to the community, which includes all the future updates made in the modules and resources.
  • Is it a communication or a English speaking course?
    It is designed to improve your communication skills only to crack the any kind of Interview to get your dream job without any hustle.
  • Why should I learn through Marathi?
    To get a better connection with the English language by understanding the basic concepts of communication skills in your native language effortlessly.
  • How to access the Live support?
    If you have any doubts, ask in the community. You will get the solution in terms of Live chat or the video/podcast in the given Live discussion timings. You can ask multiple times.
  • What if I missed the Live English Podcasts?
    If you want to improve your spoken English to become a successful person, you should not miss the Live English classes. In case, you have missed it, we would guide you through all the steps and methods through Telegram's Private channel with the recorded sessions.
  • What if I want to learn about a specific topic or a problem which is holding me back from becoming a fluent English speaker?
    You can ask for help in the Telegram Private Group. You will get the answer within 24 hours (Only on the business days: Monday-Friday)
  • ​Will be there any extra charges to practice English with others?
    No. You can practice as much as possible with others by communicating with each other. We will guide you, on how to conduct a Live English practice conference call/webinar for Free.
  • Why should I learn with and not a traditional spoken English academy?
    India's most affordable complete LIVE spoken English Program. Learn English through Marathi anytime, anywhere at your own pace. India's fastest-growing telegram community to share your stories Ready to speak English like a native speaker from your first lesson? Join the challenge at just ₹499/- ​ In this Global Telegram Community, Where you can find yourself, exactly where you are!
  • What are the Methods of Payment?
    We use India's best and most secured Payment Gateway which will allow you to do transactions using UPI, Wallets( Phone Pe, Google Pay, Airtel, etc.), Netbanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Pay Later and many more which will be very easy to do registration like you are paying for mobile recharge. ✅ Razorpay Payment Gateway

A truly interactive community with no limits

Learn English Quickly and we mean it!

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